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Roller conveyors are available in six different versions: non-powered or gravity roller conveyors, 24 V powered roller conveyors, 24 V zero pressure roller conveyors, 400 V powered roller conveyors, belt over roller 24 V powered conveyors, 400 V powered conveyors. Each type of roller conveyor has specific properties. Each type of roller conveyor has specific properties.

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Easy Conveyors is a company with 25 years of experience in the field of intralogistics conveyor components.
Together with our partners and integrators, we provide total installation solutions for our systems worldwide.

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Roller conveyors are optimised for transporting a wide variety of crates, boxes, polybags and pallets. Both a non-powered and an electrically operated roller conveyor give you flexibility in terms of layout, application and budget. This allows you to use this type of conveyor efficiently in any phase of your product flow. From order picking to processing, packaging, transport, etc. The modular construction offers you even more possibilities for future adjustments or expansions. Roller conveyors exhibit outstanding performance under extreme conditions involving a high degree of contamination.

The individual modules can be easily coordinated and combined. Modifications and extensions to the control systems are also easy to implement thanks to the modular concept.


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