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Overview of a warehouse/logistic department in a fabric of Nespresso. A conveyor system - built with modular components of Easy Conveyors - runs through the whole area.

ABB is a system integrator who had a project in the Netherlands, to automate a next day delivery system for customized orders.

The automated robot for depalletization of the boxes works perfectly with the engineered transportation system of Easy Systems. The whole transportation system runs by an automatic box opener, pick and pack machines to prepare the customized orders and put them back into new boxes, and go out to the distribution centre. In de meanwhile beside the product systems, runs a waste belt to remove all opened boxes to the garbage containers.
Easy Systems integrated the ETS chain conveyor, EBS flat belt conveyor, EMCS closed chain conveyors, RCB roller conveyors with transfer units and pushers. All products straight from our Easy Conveyors product range!