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Example of a conveyor system, made from modular components by Easy Conveyors

For a distribution centre in Belgium, the Integrator Equinox partnered up with Easy Systems to build a giant sorter.

Starting on 6 loading/unloading docks, containers with loose boxes get unloaded and scanned on an EBS flat belt conveyor all coming together on a single roller conveyor moving the cardboard boxes to the scanning gate.
Here alle packages get scanned and weighed and moved further to the sorter.

This sorter can unload and sort up to 1600 boxes an hour!

On this RCB sorter with 38 shoots all boxes get assigned to their specific exit lane of gravity roller conveyors, ready to get palletized.
The total sorter systems had 420m of gravity and 220m of powered roller conveyors. Besides that 20 diverters are integrated in the system and more than 42m of EBS belt conveyors make sure that unsorted packages get returned to the scanning gate.