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Curved conveyor belts

Modify your transport system to the available space and ongoing production processes with our curved conveyor belts.

Looking to change the paths of your products on conveyor belts, in conjunction with the internal transport involving the supply or removal of products? Our curved conveyor belts are the perfect solution, adaptable to your sector, product, and space. They go up to a maximum width of 1990mm.

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Curved conveyor belts are perfect to change the direction of your product flow or to optimize your space.
Curved conveyor belts help you optimize your available space and change the direction of your product flow.
We use modular components to build fully equipped curved conveyor belts.
Modular components can easily be combined with straight belt conveyors. This way you can easily set up your ideal curved belt conveyors.
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Modular curved conveyor belts to build the conveyor that suits your processes

Curved belt conveyors are known for their reliability, performance, and solid, durable construction. They comply with increasingly rigorous technical requirements and can be installed in the food industry as well as in the logistics, packaging, and distribution sectors.

Curve conveyors are the perfect example of this. They are your go-to solution when you need to change the direction of your conveyor belts. Unlike switching mats, a conveyor belt cannot simply make a turn in the trajectory. A switch is required from a straight section to a curve of 30° up to 180°. This technology guarantees proper alignment of the transported products, quiet operation, and fast transport of heavy loads.

We use modular components to build fully equipped curved conveyor belts.
Modules to build the transport system that suits your processes. Design the conveyor that meets your specifications
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