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ETS chain conveyors

ETS chain conveyors are tabletop systems based on a close-fitting, multiflex plastic chain conveyor that can run both horizontally and vertically.

Due to their modular character, ETS chain conveyors are ideal for joining different machines, as a low-friction buffer zone, or for bridging longer distances. Narrow horizontal curves allow conveyors to be placed close to machines, helping you to save floor space and optimize your space. Narrow vertical bends make transport possible on several levels and simplify access for operator.

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This is one of the small ETS chain conveyors. The system is electrically driven.
Detail that show how our ETS conveyors are electrically driven.
Details of the chains of our ETS chain conveyors
You can easily connect moren ETS conveyors, to bridge large distances in your warehouse or production environment.
This is one of the more broader ETS chain conveyors. They come in different sizes, adaptable to your specific situation.
Detail of the end of a chain conveyor module.
Motor that electrically drives our conveyors.
Narrow horizontal curves allow conveyors to be placed close to machines, helping you to save floor space and optimize your space.
An example of a curve in one of our ETS. These curves help you optimize your space.
It is perfectly possible to make curves with our ETS.
Our ETS chain conveyors in full action.
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ETS modules to build the transport system that suits your processes

Your biggest advantage? At Easy Conveyors, we offer modules as standard, allowing you to fully customize each conveyor and transport system to fit your company’s needs.

Our ETS chain conveyors are an easy way to connect different machines or bridge longer distances. Since they can run both horizontally and vertically, they help you optimize your space.

The basic chain conveyor type has a width that ranges from 80mm to 200mm and a length of up to 30.000mm. The supporting frame is based on aluminum anodized or stainless-steel profiles. The chain of our ETS conveyors is made of white polyacetal material, with or without a friction top.

Setup of different smaller ETS chain conveyors next to each other. They all follow the same flow.
Modules to build the transport system that suits your processes. Design the conveyor that meets your specifications
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Easy Conveyors is available worldwide and has created a well-established network of exclusive distributors and integrators. Our partners can offer you a total solution that integrates our components.

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