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Open mat top systems are flexible, cost-effective solutions, specially designed for transporting large and bulky products. The systems are available in widths from 255 to 510 mm, with or without a friction top, and the available standard configurations include straight, L, S or C shaped constructions The wide conveyor system can be supplied as components, modules or as a complete system.

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Easy Conveyors is a company with 25 years of experience in the field of intralogistics conveyor components.
Together with our partners and integrators, we provide total installation solutions for our systems worldwide.

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The modular design of the wide belt conveyor makes mounting and modifications easy, allowing the system to be adapted to any requirements. It also makes open top mat systems ideal for joining different machines, as a low-friction buffer zone, or for bridging longer distances.

Processed products vary from large cardboard boxes or products in soft plastic bags, such as washing powder or packaged rolls of tissue paper, to food products, personal hygiene products and other large products, as well as large volumes of smaller items.


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