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Easy Conveyors and eLego join forces for a special project!

Our RCB roller conveyors in action, transport a large amount of cardboard boxes. This is a great example of conveyor belts for manufacturing and packaging.

About a year and a half ago, in the middle of the pandemic, eLego launched a project aimed at helping one of their clients find new facilities, new technologies and new handling systems. The aim was to improve the working conditions of their teams and their customer service and to enable them to offer logistics services.

They counted on Easy Conveyors to help them complete this major project.

Easy Conveyors supplied the components for two complete RCB projects in the new facility. The projects, which extend over several floors, consist of straight sections, curves, transfers etc. One of the highlights in these extensive projects are the four lateral straight RCB lanes leading to a box closer.

The new system is now fully up and running and the customer is ready to put it to work!

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